Analysis Systems

Our product portfolio encompasses the full range of analytical systems from all leading manufacturers, as stand-alone solutions or integrated into our customised SEM system packages - with full service and support.

Energy-Dispersive x-ray Spectroscopy or EDS systems at various levels of expertise and price for different manual or automised applications (e.g. particle analysis)

Wavelength-Dispersive x-ray Spectroscopy or WDS systems for quantitative microanalysis as stand-alone solutions, integrated combination packages with SEM/EDS or upgrade kits for existing older WDS Systems

Electron Back-Scattered Diffraction or EBSD systems for the analysis of crystalline materials by measuring crystallographic structure, orientation, phase, microstructure and texture (microtexture) via electron diffraction in the SEM

Cathodoluminescence or CL systems for imaging (qualitative) and/or full spectral analysis (quantitative) of light wavelength characteristics in the UV, visible or IR regime, emitted from a sample interacting with the electron beam

Digital Imaging Systems at various levels of expertise for archiving, processing, and measurement, as well as fully automatic image analysis or 3D surface analysis hard- and software packages for SEM or CVM