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Turbo Carbon Coater 208 carbon

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Cressington Coating Systems
for SEM- and TEM-sample preparation as well as for general development and research.

The Cressington Turbo Carbon Coater 208carbon  is an easy-to-use compact desktop coating unit for high vacuum carbon coating via automatic or manual operation. Its main application is the high-resolution carbon coating of samples for analytical scanning electron microscopy (i.e. EDX, WDX, EBSD, CL), microprobe analysis or transmission electron microscopy.

By its specific design and electronic controls, reproducible layers of carbon with high quality and homogeneity can be generated. The use of profile shaped Carbon rods and an electronic 'feedback' control allows for an excellent reproducibility of the selected thicknesses.
With accesories, the system can be flexibly configured for a range of specific applications:

Metal Evaporation Head for evaporating various metals from a V-shaped or basket tungsten filament

Aperture Cleaning Accessory for cleaning disk apertures within  molybdenum boats

Glow Discharge Unit for cleaning TEM grids

High/Low Voltage Power Unit with 'smart' cable to automatically configure the conntected accessory

Planetary-Rotary-Tilting Stage for rotary and planetary  motion with manual tilt of 0-90°

Rotary-Tilting Stage for rotary motion with manual tilt of 0-90°

Glass or Metal Adapter Rings for configuring various chamber sizes

The compact efficient Turbo Vacuum System guarantees for a clean high vacuum at short pumping times and without the neccessity of extra water-cooling.
An exact reproducibility of coated thicknesses can be achieved through the specific high-resolution Thickness Monitoring Unit MTM10.