The EO Scan SEM is equipped with an overhauled  CamScan chamber and a brand new state of the art Tescan electron gun.

Key features of the EO SCAN

Unique 4-lens electron optical system (up to 30 kV), PC-controlled to easily switch between modes for high resolution imaging, ultra-low magnification, ultra-high depth of focus and optimised analysis

Effective automatic functions to control and optimise electron optical parameters, and/or to automate working procedures for fast high-quality results

Fast and easy 3D stereo imaging via PC-controlled beam deflection with optional 3D surface modelling and analysis

Sophisticated user interface, easy-to-use software for microscope control under MS Windows™

Password-protected, multi-level user accounts

Built-in remote operation and remote diagnostic

Comprehensive software for image archiving, measurement, processing, and analysis

Excellent analytical geometry for EDX, WDX, and EBSD analysis

Full range of detectors (i.e. BSE etc.), accessories and options

Full integration of analytical systems via
TCP/IP remote access

Windows™ is a trademark of the
Microsoft Corporation USA and other countries.

EO SCAN SEM Specifications

Chamber Type


Vacuum Type



3.0 nm


< 9*10-3 Pa

Working Modes

Resolution, Depth, Field, Wide Field, Rocking Beam


4 to 1.000.000x, 4x in Wide Field Mode

Detectors Standard

SE, Touch Alarm, Probe Current Measruement

Detectors Optional

TE, EBIC, EBSD, EDX, WDX*, BSE, Chamberscope ...

Accelerating Voltage

200 V to 30 kV

Electron Gun

Tungsten Heated Cathode or LaB6 Cathode

Probe Current

1 pA to 2 µA


230 V / 50 Hz or 120 V / 60 Hz, 1300 VA, No Water Cooling