Ultra High Resolution
Schottky FE-SEM

Availabele with various chambers, analysis systems, stages and other options to suit the customer’s needs.

Key features of the MAIA3 Generation

High brightness Schottky emitter for 
ultra-high resolution / high-current / low-noise imaging.

Unique three-lens Wide Field Optics™ design offering the variety of working and displaying modes embodying the Tescan proprietary Intermediate Lens for the beam aperture optimisation.

Real time In-Flight Beam Tracing™ for the performance and spot optimisation integrating the well established software Electron Optical Design.

Fast imaging rate.

High-throughput large-area automation, e.g. automated particle location and analyses.

Extraordinary analytical potential - up to 20 chamber ports with optimised analytical geometry allowing simultaneous EDX and EBSD.

Fully automated microscope set-up including electron optics set-up and alignment.

Sophisticated software for SEM control, image acquisition, archiving, processing, analysis.

Network operations and built-in remote access/diagnostics, all as Tescan standard.

TESCAN MAIA Chamber Specifications



Internal Diameter

230 mm

290 x 340 mm (w,d)

Door Width

148 mm

290 x 322 mm (w,h)





80 mm mot.

130 mm mot.


60 mm mot.

130 mm mot.


37mm mot.

90 mm mot.


360 mot.

360 mot.


-80 to +80 mot.

-30 to +90 mot.

Specimen Hight

71 mm max.

137 mm max.

MIRA SEMs also available with special GM multi-port chamber


TESCAN MAIA SEM Specifications

Chamber Type

LM- / XM- / GM

Vacuum Type



* Resolution

High Vaccum Mode
(in-Beam SE)

0.7 nm at 15 kV
1.4 nm at 1kV
1.7 nm at 500 V

0.7 nm at 15 kV
1.4 nm at 1kV
1.7 nm at 500 V

High Vaccum Mode
(with BDT option)

1.4 nm at 1kV
2.2 nm at 200 V

1.4 nm at 1kV
2.2 nm at 200 V


High Vacuum Mode

< 9*10-3 Pa

< 9*10-3 Pa

Low Vacuum Mode


7 - 500 Pa

Working Modes

UH Resolution, Depth, Analysis, Overview


4 to 1,000,000x (depending on chamber)

Accelerating Voltage

200 V to 30 kV  (from 50 V with BDT version)

Electron Gun

High Brightness Schottky Emitter

Probe Current

2 pA to 400 nA


230 V / 50 Hz or 120 V / 60 Hz, 2300 VA, No Water Cooling

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