Forming the SEM / FIB-SEM Workbench

Nanorobotic Manipulators are optional accessory, expanding the
TESCAN SEM or FIB-SEMs to a material processing and/or analytical Workbench.

manipulator in a LYRA FEG

up to four manipulators in a MIRA XM

Unique manipulator features for easy, secure and fast usage:

Predictable cartesian movement and automation by absolute positioning

Automatic fast and secure tip approach with crash-free movements by "Self Finding Tools"

Joint access to SEM and manipulator positions for crash free movements by "Global Coordinates"

Simple manipulator movement without expert knowledge by "Live Image Positioning"

Turnkey solution from Tescan: Automation of SEM and manipulator applications with one control

Plenty of unique applications become possible with one investment by this "SEM/FIB Workbench"

Examples of SEM/FIB workbench applications:

Semi-automatic partcile sorting for material research and forensics

Scaled non-distructive dimensional measurements in high resolution

Tribology test at micro- and nano-sized devices (livetime, friction, stress, ...)

NanoFab in the SEM/FIB: Nano-fabrication in automation (CNT-devices, TEM-lamellas)

Fast, easy and secure nano-probing

Highly automated handling and measurement tasks for semiconductor developments

SEM image of structures on a TFT display

Dimensional Measurements with the "3D-Nanofinger™”

Surface Roughness measurement by 3D-Nanofinger™ inside of the groove

3D-Nanofinger is a registered trademark of Klocke Nanotechnik GmbH