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The PIE Scientific Tergeo Series tabletop plasma cleaners are high performance  laboratory plasma cleaners built upon the technology developed at the  “Plasma and Ion Source Technology Group” in Lawrence Berkeley National  Laboratory, California.
The Tergeo series provides an intuitive touchscreen user interface with  fully automatic operation and advanced process control technology.

The desktop plasma cleaners are equipped with unique patent pending  plasma sensor technology for quantitative plasma strength measurement.  Quantitative data is the key to achieve repeatable and consistent  results in scientific experiments and industrial production  applications. They offer direct immersion mode plasma cleaning and  downstream mode plasma cleaning in one system. A versatile system for  wide range of plasma etching, cleaning and surface treatment  applications.

Examples for fileds of use
 SEM and TEM
 Small poductions
 Research and development
 Dental and medical laboratories
 Fine mechanics
 Textile industry
 Semiconductors (ashing)

PIE Scientific Tergeo Tabletop-Plasmacleaner

Examples for application
 Medical device activation, sterilization and improve coating adhesion
 Photoresist ashing, descum and silicon wafer cleaning
 PDMS, microfluidics, glass slides and lab-on-a-chip
 SEM / TEM sample cleaning for hydrocarbon contamination removal
 Wire bonding, flip chip underfill, device encapsulation and decapsulation
 Improve bonding for metal to metal or composite
 Improve bonding for plastic, polymer and composite materials

PIE Scientific SEMI-KLEEN Downstream Plasma Cleaner

The PIE Scientific SEMI-KLEEN remote plasma cleaner is designed to meet the tough requirements from semiconductor industry. It can be used on electron beam review system (EBR), electron beam inspection system (EBI), CD-SEM, electron beam lithography system, EUV lithography (EUVL) and EUV mask inspectors.
Besides all the standard hardware features on EM-KLEEN plasma cleaners, such as pressure sensor, automatic gas flow controller, plasma strength sensor, temperature sensor, cooling fan and LCD touchscreen controller, SEMI-KLEEN plasma cleaner also integrates the latest plasma source design technologies from semiconductor industry to reduce particle generation risk.

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