TESCAN Load Lock

Fast and Easy-to-Use

The load lock is an optional accessory for the Tescan SEMs. It allows quick sample exchange without a necessity of venting the chamber.
The load lock developed by Tescan is fully integrated in the automatic vacuum system of the microscope. The main SEM chamber is still being pumped during the load lock manipulation.


Load Lock Applications:
The load lock takes place for demanding applications where the time of sample exchange should be as low as possible, or where no significant vacuum loss during specimen exchange is required (e.g. FIB-SEM).

a) Samples are exchanged in a retractable cabinet gate
b) Cabinet is evacuated with in 15 seconds
c) Separating valve is opened and samples with sample holder are attached on the stage

All TESCAN Scanning Electron Microscopes already contain a strong and powerful Vacuum pump. The pumping time without a Load Lock is two - three minutes (depending on chamber size).

Load Lock System

Load Lock System



suitable chamber



specimen holder

1 holder for 7 specimens max.

specimen size

max. 50 x 25 mm

95 mm

loading time

< 1 min.

< 2 min.

control system

integrated in TESCAN control software