Optical Stage Navigator
for VEGA3 and MIRA3 XM SEMs

With the Optical Stage Navigator, TESCAN SEMs offer advanced and fully automated optical stage navigation - which makes the orientation on a sample stage even easier than ever before.
A colour overview image of the stage with specimens is taken with CCTV which is mounted on the vacuum chamber of a microscope. The overview image is than quickly correlated with the SEM image. A user therefore does not lose the macroscopic view of the samples during SEM imaging and can move the motorized sample stage to the desired position with just a click on the point of interest in the overview image. The area around this point is then projected in the SEM Scanning window at the currently set magnification. See the example of SEM and CCTV overview images below. The area under examination is indicated with a small green circle in the CCTV image.

SEM Scanning window displaying a sample under examination and CCTV overview image of the whole sample stage

This positioner extension is user-friendly and its control is very intuitive.

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