The TESCAN VEGA Series is a family of fully PC-controlled state-of-the-art SEM with a host of advanced features, combined with modern design, excellent quality of control electronics and mechanics at a very competitive price/performance ratio.
The VEGA series was designed with respect to a wide range of SEM applications and needs in today’s research and industry. After ten years of continuous development VEGA has matured into its 3rd Generation.
A lot of additional accessories from load lock system up to nanomanipulators are available for the VEGA series.

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Key features of the VEGA3 Generation

High-performance electronics for faster image acquisition and signal processing

Ultra-fast scanning system with compensated static and dynamic image aberrations

An extended range of scanning modes using the original Wide Field Optics™

Unique In-Flight Beam Tracing™ for real-time beam optimization

Redesigned software control with high level of automation

Built-in scripting for user-defined applications

Extra-long filament life-time

TESCAN VEGA Series Choises

four chamber types

SB-, LM- or XM-Chamber (plus special GM-Chamber)

two vacuum systems

High Vacuum (H) or
Uni Vacuum (U) for High or Low Vacuum

two cathode systems

Tungsten or LaB6 Cathode

three table options

Short-, Standard- or Extended-Table

More features of the VEGA3 Generation

Unique 4-lens electron optical system (up to 30 kV), PC-controlled to easily switch between modes for high resolution imaging, ultra-low magnification, ultra-high depth of focus and optimised analysis

Effective automatic functions to control and optimise electron optical parameters, and/or to automate working procedures for fast high-quality results

Fast and easy 3D stereo imaging via PC-controlled beam deflection with optional 3D surface modelling and analysis

Sophisticated user interface, easy-to-use software for microscope control under MS Windows™ operating system

Password-protected, multi-level user accounts

Comprehensive software for image archiving, measurement, processing, and analysis

Variable pressure option (LV-/VP-systems with 500 or 2000 Pa)

Full range of detectors (i.e. BSE, LVSE, etc.), accessories and options

Full integration of analytical systems via TCP/IP remote access

TESCAN VEGA Chamber Specifications

SB chamber
LM chamber
XM chamber




Int. Diameter

160 mm

230 mm

290 x 340 mm (w,d)

Door Width

120 mm

148 mm

290 x 322 mm (w,h)






45 mm mot.

80 mm mot.*

130 mm mot.


45 mm mot.

60 mm mot.*

130 mm mot.


27 mm man.

47mm mot.

100 mm mot.


6 mm man.


360 mot.

360 mot.

360 mot.


-90 to +90 man.

-80 to +80 mot.

-30 to +90 mot.

Spec. Hight

34 mm max.

81 mm max.

147 mm max.

VEGA SEMs also available with special GM multi-port chamber

* Also available with other measurements

TESCAN VEGA SEM Specifications

Chamber Type

SB- / LM- / XM-

Vacuum Type




High Vaccum Mode

3.0 nm (2.0 for LaB6)

3.0 nm (2.0 for LaB6)

Low Vacuum Mode


3.5 nm (2.5 for LaB6)


High Vacuum Mode

< 9*10-3 Pa

< 9*10-3 Pa

Low Vacuum Mode


3 - 500 Pa (optionally 2000 Pa)

Working Modes

Resolution, Depth, Field, Wide Field, Channelling


about 1.5 to 1,000,000x (depending on chamber)

Detectors Standard

SE, Touch Alarm, Probe Current Measruement

SE, BSE, Touch Alarm, Probe Current Measruement

Detectors Optional

TE, EBIC, EBSD, EDX, WDX*, BSE, Chamberscope ...

TE, EBIC, EBSD, EDX, WDX*, LVSTD (to 500 Pa), Chamberscope ...

Accelerating Voltage

200 V to 30 kV

Electron Gun

Tungsten Heated Cathode or LaB6 Cathode

Probe Current

1 pA to 2 A


230 V / 50 Hz or 120 V / 60 Hz, 1300 VA, No Water Cooling

* WDX only with LM or XM Chamber

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Windows™ is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation USA and other countries.